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The Waterbug is handcrafted by Rochester Tackle and is designed to allow fishermen to experience fishing on a whole different level.

As you sit OUT of the water in your Waterbug seat you manoevour yourself by means of flippers.  Being so compact you can get to fishing spots that are inaccessible by boat.  It is so easy to transport as it folds up into a bag!!


The Waterbug comes with two pontoons, a collapsible chair, one rod holder, one stripping tray and two bags – one fixes to the pontoon to hold small items and the one behind the chair is ideal to put your “fishing kos”, drinks and of course your camera, ready to take a photo of your trophy fish!!  All these items fit into the bag provided.

The only extras you will need are a pump, valve adaptor and your own flippers.

The Waterbug is truly a marvellous invention!  There is absolutely no better way to get back to nature, sit on the water and fish in peace and quiet!!

Let nothing get between a man and his fishing…

 To purchase your Waterbug please contact us on 033 3862059 or email us on info@rochestertackle.co.za