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Jane Todd 
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa


I am a Virtual Secretary working from my own office and I have 25 years’ secretarial experience at my fingertips. I charge for the actual hours worked so you save money!  I do not need holiday pay, sick pay or any benefits.  Interested?  Read on.


Your time is valuable so why not let me take on some of your load. I can work with you short or long term, maybe you wish to reserve hours per month and use them as and when you need them.  Communicating via email or Skype I receive your instructions.  I can type letters, invoices, emails, do internet research, data capture.  I can run errands whilst you get on with your business if you are local!  I wish to fit in with your business needs.


Please contact Jane via email at    thetodd@lantic.net    to discuss your individual office needs and I will provide you with a quote.

Start saving money now and together we can get your business working more efficiently.


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